New & Used Tires

SoCal Truck & Tire Center makes it easy for you to buy new or used tires. Give us a call to check our inventory and see if we have what you need.

Checking your tires regularly is essential for the safety of your vehicle. Driving habits, climate, and road conditions affect your tires' health. It is suggested that your tires are replaced every six years, but no longer than ten years. When installing new tires, we remove and inspect the old tires and wheels, mount new tires, balance the tires, and install and align the wheels.

Signs you need new tires

  • tire age
  • uneven wear
  • cracked tires
  • worn tread depth
  • vibrations while driving
  • rocks or nails in the tires
  • bulges on the sidewall of the tire

Reach out about our new and used tire options to find the right tires for your vehicle today!

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