Mobile Tire Services

24/7 Commercial Tire & Mechanical Road Service

SoCal Truck & Tire Center offers mobile services giving you the freedom to continue with your busy schedule while we come to you. Call for a hassle-free experience in vehicle maintenance.

Mobile Services
  • Equal Tire Balancing - Ensures even tire wear and a smooth ride.
  • Brake Replacements - Brake pads create friction against a metal disc or drum, bringing the vehicle to a halt. Brake replacements are essential to maintain the ability to come to a clean stop.
  • Brake Adjustments - Regular brake adjustments ensure the brakes do not drag when driving.
  • Laser Alignments - Laser beams are used to check if your wheels are aligned in the correct position.
  • Discard Scrap - We remove any scrap metal or materials that need to be discarded.
  • Fleet Checks - Important to ensure your vehicles remain in good condition and are safe to drive on the road.
  • Flat Repairs - We remove the tire to inspect the tire inside and out to begin repairs fully.
  • Wheel Seals - A cap protects and keeps the grease inside the wheel bearing system.
  • King Pins - The essential pivot in the steering mechanism of a car.
  • Shackles - Supports your vehicle springs to travel through various terrain safely.
  • Bearings - The bearings connect the wheel and the axel to assist in the smooth rotation of the wheels.
  • Shocks - Help stabilize your vehicle's movement while increasing traction and control.