Fleet Checks

Maintaining Your Fleet

Fleet maintenance is key to keeping your vehicles in good condition and increasing the lifespan of your fleet. Fleet checks should be performed regularly, depending on the frequency of your fleet usage. Preventative maintenance helps boost productivity and reduce the risk of vehicle failures on the job and emergency repairs resulting in unplanned expenses. These inspections also aid in finding and fixing any problems before they become significant issues causing delays in deliveries or appointments.

At SoCal Truck & Tire Center, safety is important to us, and we believe in taking the necessary steps to ensure your safety and reliability on the road.

What is being checked?
  • Indicators
  • Brackets and filters
  • Washers and wipers
  • Tires, steering, mirrors
  • Hydraulic and other fluid leaks
  • Hoses, belts, and tire pressures
  • Brake fuel and measure for wear
  • Water, oil, fuel, and other fluid levels 
  • Warning lights, headlights, and brake lights
  • If radiator and gas caps are securely attached

Give us a call for additional information on our fleet check services. 

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